Jetta has three artificial life forms at her disposal though she cannot bring herself to view them at the property they are. The oldest is Deirdre (right) who serves as the communications officer on the Saoirse. While Deirdre is visually an AILF, she is fully capable of showing virtually the full range of emotions. She is also partially responsible for having raised Jetta.

The second oldest is Liam (middle), who serves as Jetta’s personal body guard. He is with her for all meetings, transactions, and every time she steps off ship. He is the most life like of all the three bots and is quite often mistaken by others as being alive. He portrays the full range of emotions, is fully capable of everything from anger to humor to love. He is also highly skilled in various security measures as well as various forms of combat.

Then, there’s the youngest, Una (left) who serves as the sole engineer on the Saoirse. She is quiet and tends to be withdrawn, staying in the engine bay for days on end without ever speaking to another person on the ship. She is not nearly as socially graceful as her counterparts.

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