Jondalar the Red

Make no mistake, it’s still Jon only this is how he dresses back home. Jondalar is no ordinary dragon, he is the Red Prince, and next in line for the throne. He’s left home in search of adventure, though his family believes he’s searching for the woman he will take as his mate and are unaware that he’s even left the continent.

A couple of things I’ve not mentioned before… the earring he wears in the tip of his right ear is a heirloom, passed down for generations along his father’s side of the family. He has a brand on his back that bears his family crest (there won’t be an image of that coming until I can find someone to draw it for me lol) that was done when he was just a child. While he’s not actually a major player in the book I’m finishing up, he WILL be one of the main characters in the next one.

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