Years and years ago I was very involved in a D&D type RP and had an ever so charming (NOT) dark elf rogue named Ripp. He’s sarcastic, bitter, rude, and good at what he does.

A little background – Ripp doesn’t know his real name, his parents, or even really where he’s from. He was sold when just a tot to pay off a debt – who’s, he’s not sure of. As he got older, and he got more and more smart mouthed, he found himself on the receiving end of more beatings then he could count. His tolerance for this was quite low, and one day, in mid-beating he snapped and killed the field master.

The commotion drew out the house master (the one who actually owned him), which initially subdued Ripp, that was until the house master gave the order to terminate him. Ripp lunged at the house master and shredded him. He didn’t stop to see if anyone else was going to try and hurt him, he turn and ran.

He was never exactly tamed and after years living in the forest without a soul to speak to, he grew even more wild and vicious.

When he was first introduced, he’d been living in a city for a couple years and, while not much more civilized, he was at least clean. He was encountered just after having killed his ex after an argument over payment for a job. He was washing his hands in the fountain and the cleric rushed forward thinking he was hurt. She was appalled when she realized that it was someone else’s blood. The group’s leader however, saw something in him and offered him work.

He made it frequently known that he was only sticking around for the pay, and didn’t actually care about any of their lives.

Since his old RP days, he’s moved into a story all his own which I will be posting up with his images.

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