Young Jetta

Jetta, a young woman with literally no home town. She was born and raised on her parents ship and has only spent time planet side when stopping for supplies or leave for the crew. Never once did it bother her that she lived this kind of life, and for years her best friend was the daughter of the ship’s cook.

All that changed a year ago however, when her parents were killed on a scouting mission. This has left the ship in her control. Due to her emotional state, her bodyguard Liam took control of things until she was capable.

Now, at fifteen years old, this young Grey Elf finds herself Captain of the Saoirse. She’s also found out that not all of the crew that served her parents were on the up and up. Some thought to take advantage of the change in leadership to demand a much larger cut of their profits.

Jetta learned from her father though, and told them point blank that there would be no increase and that they could leave if they so desired. Several stayed on out of loyalty to her family, but she lost a lot of her crew that day.

Now, she’s trying to put together the pieces to continue her parents work.

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