Ka’daryn the Crystallized

Ka’daryn is the youngest of the king and queen’s seven children and the only girl to boot. Instead of behaving like a “lady” she grew up a tomboy, preferring to roughhouse with her brothers and learning how to sword fight. This has not made her mother happy, but as there were no other girls to play with (after all, playing with the help or children of the help wasn’t permitted) there was little that could be done beyond trying to turn her daughter into a well rounded woman.

Magically speaking Kada can stomp her older brothers, being far superior to them in skill, something that is not uncommon to her kind. Hailing from the southern regions, Kada is an Ice Dragon, though like most of her kind, she is frequently mistaken for a white dragon.

She is known as┬áKa’daryn the Crystallized because of her magical gifts, most prominently the ability to freeze something (or someone) instantly, making whatever it is look more like a diamond or quartz statue then whatever it had been before hand.

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