Bym Etare

So, this is the lady that has cropped up in two other images with Ripp. When she first joins up with Ripp and his group, it’s mostly an act of desperation. She feels she cannot travel far on her own. Linrain is the other reason, feeling that the cleric needs protection from the men in the group. Like most, she doesn’t know what to make of Sammy at first, but quickly finds herself at ease due to the lack of gender. While she distrusts Cerdic and Ripp, it is Ripp who gets under her skin more and they are constantly at each other’s throats… until the time that Ripp finds himself most in need of comfort and finds it in the most unlikely of places, from her. That one night forever changes how they regard one another.

Bym is based on a DM created class called the “Seducer” and the function similarly to thieves in skill, armor, and weapons. She has magic which is stored in jewelry – for every piece she wears, she has a spell. Bym also does not remember anything about her past. At the time of her meeting Ripp, she only has six years worth of memories. She doesn’t know how old she is, where she came from, not even what she is (though she has been told she is not human despite her appearance). She stayed with a group of elven women all that time, and it was these women that shaped her views of men and the world; as well as training her to be like them.

It should be noted that I have no plans at this time to go into her background in this book I’m writing. If that comes to light at all, it will be in a different book.

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