Bym and Ripp

Bym Etare and Ripp – who have a mutual dislike for one another. Ever since they first met they have done nothing but argue and fight at every turn. Quite simply, they drive each other batty. Bym was created based on a GM created D&D class called the seducer, and has a gift for making men do what she wants – but somehow Ripp remains immune to her… charms.

It should be stated that Bym doesn’t actually WANT Ripp, but she uses such tactics as a defense mechanism to get herself out of perceived trouble. The problem was, Ripp was aware of what she’d tried to do and the two ended up in a rather brutal fight. The only thing that saved her? He was quite literally impressed with┬áthe small woman’s skill. She’s been with him and his motley crew ever since.

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