Surprising Comfort

He’d always known what Bym was, what she’d done before they’d crossed paths… and while he didn’t actually feel any true sense of want for her, the events of the past few days left him needing something to take his mind off things. He also knew it wasn’t in her nature to turn a man down in such a situation, and so he removed all his magical protections, including the ring that had thus far kept him from being susceptible to her magic, and went to her room.

She’d been cautious and suspicious about his intentions but had let him in of course. She knew him well enough to feel safe in doing so. Really, if he’d wanted to kill her he wouldn’t have knocked on the door. When what he wanted became apparent she was more then a little surprised, but when they settled down on the rug by the fire, things took a turn and she saw something that she realized no other living being had ever seen… Ripp cried. She did the only thing she could think of as he drew in on himself, she wrapped around him and held him, trying to offer him comfort…

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