Mia Marks

This is Mia Marks, another character from my book – though she is admittedly more of a minor character, she is still quite important.

During NaNoWriMo there was a challenge issued, to add yourself in SOME form, to your story. Well, this is how I answered that challenge. Mia is in part… me. She doesn’t LOOK like me mind you, except eye color and kind of my hair color there.

There’s a scary line when you add yourself in as a character though, one that I was determined NOT to cross… and so, I found a VERY good way to make sure that cannot happen… Mia’s role, while important, is brief.

Anyway, she’s a dancer, and a thief (albeit, not of any great skill) and to complete her part of things, she will need to steal a very important item. And… that is really about all I can say at this point. And, sorry to disappoint, she’s just human.


This is an old version of her and she’s been updated some.

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