So, why?

So you might be wondering, why am I doing this? Why a gallery here? Why now? Well I’ll tell you. Plain and simple, I’ve had a gallery over at DeviantArt for the past 11 years now. Recently, however, people I consider friends and artistic inspirations are leaving the community in LARGE numbers. Finally, one I have admired for a couple of years just recently deactivated her account. There’s only a couple left on the site that I still talk to, and so I’ve started thinking about my own time there. While my site doesn’t get a whole lot of exposure, I decided that perhaps it’s time to set up something somewhere else in addition to DA just in case things go bad and I decide to bail (or the site ends up closed down which I’ve heard rumors of). So, this is it… this will be my gallery… I like that I can post anything I want, say what I want about it, and only I am in control.


So, yeah… that is why…


ETA: Something to make note of – I will be posting almost exclusively, work that relates to my stories in some way – be it image or written. I won’t be sharing any of my role play characters here (unless they are crossover characters and they’re from written work as well as role play work which some are). For all my other work, you can find that at my DeviantArt page for the time being.